I ain't even mad!
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About: Hi, my name is Marcela, I'm also the owner of Dont Try Suicide and this is the blog I use to post all the maniac graphics and manips I do for Queen (my favourite band ever).

I also love removing watermarks (I consider it quite a challenge sometimes) so you can submit pictures with horribles marks on it to me to try working them out.

Recently, I kinda started a "Happiness Level" thing, so if you have a picture you'd like to see on that, submit it too.

Basically, I'm your submission prostitute, submit me anything and I'll see what I can do with that shiauhsoaisoais

If you want to know more about Queen, I strongly recommend you to follow Angie's blog entirely dedicated to the band, More Of That Jazz. There you will also find other wonderful blogs dedicated to Queen!

Have a nice day xx

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